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My mother, who knows nothing about technology, had no idea why I named my company ‘Orange SMS’.  The Orange designation was particularly perplexing to her. What she came up with was:

“Poets tell us there is no other word that rhymes with ‘orange’. That makes the word ‘orange’ unique. Ergo! My son’s business, is a unique business, so it carries the name Orange SMS”

Dr. Janice T. Adkins (Les’ Mother)

Let Orange SMS help you create a unique digital strategy that engages your customers on a personal level to move them into action.


  • Les Adkins and his team help businesses bridge the gap between old corporate and tech-savvy business models.  As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Les Adkins is an international speaker, author, and trainer.

    With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, and a talent for teaching teams how to do what he does with such ease,   Les continues to help organizations and individuals build influence, as well as, create a whole brain digital strategy to succeed in a digital world.


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Les Adkins

CEO & Founder

Team Orange SMS


Co-founder, art Director, Illustrator.

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Les Adkins and his team can be booked for corporate or public events. Working with social media since 2006 Les adds a view of Social Media that is pure and entertaining. With over 25 plus years in sales, Les and his team can speak on a number of topics in an informative and engaging way. The Orange SMS team will customize the talk to your audience and your needs. Les has spoken to both small and large crowds. He has shared a stage with Les Brown and Sharon Lechter. The most important thing for your organization is to “Get It Right” and that’s the message we will bring to you and your group!




Let the Orange SMS team help you grow your organization. “Get It Right” is not just a motto with Orange SMS it is the way we do business. The Orange SMS consulting team brings years of experience with both corporate and private business. If you want a partner to help you with growing your business then allow us the opportunity to have a complimentary one hour Discovery Meeting to determine how we might partner with you to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and to reach the outcomes you desire. In this fast paced digital age, let us help you stay ahead of your competition and “Get It Right”




Orange SMS and Les Adkins has trained many corporate teams from around the world. Their World Class training has created opportunities for organizations that include, “…keeping the business relationship together”, “…10 million plus opportunity that was sealed over a dinner conversation,” and creating digital strategies that work. Partnered with Total Inter Action there was “A winning team that met 640x ROI that was well over $60m of competitive new business deals the organization won in the last year through our coaching and methodology…” Working with a Whole Brain Approach™ Orange SMS can help you learn a successful way to “Get It Right” from technical to sales and Executive coaching.




The “Get It Right “Consulting engagement for companies that are adapting marketing campaigns, customer reach/retention, and presence/influence into their overall digital business strategy. To be able to enhance the metrics of analytics to move more quickly and be more agile when it comes to working through all stakeholders within an organization to make changes requested by their audience from all different levels. This engagement looks at creating an overarching digital business strategy for the organization that goes beyond the latest or next marketing campaign and allows an organization to maintain a consistent and relevant presence with their audience as well as beginning to influence the audience and achieve a certain expectation of loyalty with their customers by taking a Whole Brain Approach™ to the client’s customized mobile and social business strategy.

The “Get It Right” State of Digital Presentation Workshop delivers to you and your team FOUR clear deliverables:

  1. Comprehensive road map that aligns all verticals for a complete digital strategy that integrates consistently with the overall digital and advertising/marketing plan
  2. Bringing the social, mobile, IT, marketing, digital, merchandising teams all together to consistently deliver on point, targeted mobile messaging that shows real lift and results
  3. Connecting all analytics across verticals to react to customer interface in a relevant way
  4. Overarching new view point in how verticals work together with the Whole Brain™ methodology to reach company goals

Orange SMS Workshops are presented in 1 day and 2 day formats, so please contact a member of our sales team to see which one fits the needs of your organization.

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