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My mother, who knows nothing about technology, had no idea why I named my company ‘Orange SMS’.  The Orange designation was particularly perplexing to her. What she came up with was:

“Poets tell us there is no other word that rhymes with ‘orange’. That makes the word ‘orange’ unique. Ergo! My son’s business, is a unique business, so it carries the name Orange SMS”

Dr. Janice T. Adkins (Les’ Mother)

Let Orange SMS help you create a unique digital strategy that engages your customers on a personal level to move them into action.


  • Les Adkins and his team help businesses bridge the gap between old corporate and tech-savvy business models.  As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Les Adkins is an international speaker, author, and trainer.

    With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, and a talent for teaching teams how to do what he does with such ease,   Les continues to help organizations and individuals build influence, as well as, create a whole brain digital strategy to succeed in a digital world.


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Les Adkins

CEO & Founder

Team Orange SMS


Co-founder, art Director, Illustrator.

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